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Most of us have faced the dread of a device being stolen, lost or damaged, and critical or sentimental being lost. That video of Jimmy taking his first tentative steps is simply irreplaceable.

Today we want to share some practical, cost effective solutions to help you prevent this from happening – read on for our 3 step plan.

Over the last few years cloud storage has become freely available and easily accessible. Below some examples of providers that have free storage options included in their service offerings:


5Gb free storage; With Office 365 – 1TB of cloud storage is included.


2 Gb free Storage


15 Gb free storage


5Gb free storage


20Gb Free Storage


Although all these free cloud storage solutions are available, people are hesitant to store their data in the cloud. We have legitimate security and privacy concerns. All these cloud providers spend millions of dollars on security annually, yet information still get compromised.

Three step plan to safeguard your data:

 1.   Make use of cloud storage – it is more secure than most in house storage.

2.   Encrypt your data before it is uploaded to the cloud – Make use of Boxcryptor.

3.   Backup your data regularly.


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