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Two things seem to be to constant in today’s age:

1. The exponential acceleration in technological advances.
2. Increase in pollution and the negative impact on the environment.

These two trends are interrelated, on the one hand improving the quality of life, but also threatening our health and well-being.


What can we do to help curb the trend of pollution?

We are after all the benefactors of technology and the custodians of the health of our children.

The answer lies in recycling i.e.:

  • Reduce – lowering the amount of waste produces.
  • Re-use – using material to make new products or refurbishing and re-using products.
  • Recover – recovering energy from waste.

Why recycle?

Lets use some interesting facts to illustrate the need for recycling – note that South African stats are hard to come by, so I am quoting stats from the US:

  1. For 10,000 tоnѕ оf solid wаѕtе:
    • Burning it for еlесtriсitу will сrеаtе 1 job.
    • Cоllесting and dumping it in a landfill will сrеаtе 6 jobs.
    • Processing it for rесуling will generate 36 jobs.
  2. Recycling 1 ton of circuit boards can contain 800 x the amount of gold as opposed to 1 ton of ore, and 40 x more copper than ore.
  3. 40% of the heavy metals found in U.S. landfills are from electronic devices.
  4. Recycling 1 million laptops would save the energy equivalent of one year’s electricity for 3667 US homes.

It is our responsibility:

Do your bit for the future, buy recycled goods and recycle your old equipment safely.

What We Sell Laptops are doing:

We Sell Laptops recycle laptops by refurbishing laptops and then making these laptops available for sale at reduced prices. This not only reduce e-waste but also stimulates the economy by creating jobs and making technology more accessible.

Our customers are also welcome to bring small electronic devices to us for safe disposal and recycling.

Please feel free to visit us at 17 Bram Fisher Drive, Linden, Randburg or Our contact number is: 011 888 0254.

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