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RAM Replacement Inquiry

RAM Replacement Inquiry

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Motherboard Repairs

There are many circumstances where a motherboard can simply be repaired. In other cases, you may be able to replace the motherboard without replacing your other components, saving yourself a lot of money in the process.



Hard Drive Upgrade

At its most basic a laptop HDD upgrade is simply: open back panel, pull old drive, stick new drive in, boot and install OS and you’re done. But there’s a bunch of little details that we (and the veteran computer hobbyists reading this) have learned the hard way over years of tinkering.

Memory Upgrade

RAM or Random Access Memory is a term used for memory modules installed in your computer. To improve the performance of a computer, sometimes a RAM upgrade is recommended. Upgrade could mean adding memory modules along with the existing ones or replacing the old ones with a set of new modules which has higher capacity.

Keyboard Issues

Laptop keyboards are not really consumer repairable. If your unit is still under warranty, you can contact us.






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