By Kobus Schoeman / 06/12/2019

Which printer should I buy?

90% of the Buying a printer is a simple “what is the cheapest I can get away with?” decision –...

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By Kobus Schoeman / 28/11/2019

Is it time to replace your printer?

We all get attached to things that has given us years of good service. But there comes a time when...

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By / 08/11/2019

E Waste? No, rE-CYCLE!

Two things seem to be to constant in today's age: 1. The exponential acceleration in technological advances. 2. Increase in...

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W1ndows 7 upgrade Help with Computer Support
By / 07/11/2019

Windows 7 “End of Life” on 14 Jan 2020 – Your options:

Is there any reason to panic with Windows 7 reaching “End of Life” in about 2 months? Lets first set...

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Battery replacement
By / 31/10/2019

10 tips and tricks to prolong your laptop battery health

To extend your laptop battery life avoid unnecessary use of your laptop’s battery as it has a finite lifespan. Here are 10 tips on how to achieve this.

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Tech on Call computer support Computer Smart
By / 24/10/2019

Speed up your laptop and extend it’s life – avoid frustration and save

So, you have had your laptop for a few years, and it is starting to frustrate you as it seems...

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Hand in hair
By / 21/10/2019

When last did you think about the security of your own data?

Most of us have faced the dread of a device being stolen, lost or damaged, and critical or sentimental being lost. This week we share practical, cost effective solutions to help you prevent this from happening - read on for our 3 step plan.

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